Thumbs Down: Gutsy Women

20 Apr

Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road by Marybeth Bond

Sorry for the bluntness, but this book is only great if the only traveling you’ve done is up and down the street you live on.  Seriously, this lady has some dumb stuff to say.

There are so many things wrong with this vignette on page 55:

“If you do have a one-night fling, be careful not to expose your money to that person.  This happened to me: I got up and went to the bathroom.  In the morning, after he was gone, I discovered he had stolen all the cash out of my purse.  You never know who you can trust, especially if it is a guy you’ll never see again.  -Anonymous”

A bargaining tip for a doofus on page 65:

“Before you begin bargaining, decide if you really want to buy the item.  Do not waste your time or the salesperson’s.”

Helpful Dumb ass meditation on pre-travel jitters on page 16:

“The trick is not to rid your stomach of butterflies, but to make them fly in formation.”

A few thoughts about the packing list provided on page 151-152:

  • It includes “pantyhose.”
  • It also includes a “rubber door stopper.”

When I read books, particularly travel books, I insert tabs on pages where I read things that I made me stop and think (so I can ponder it again at some point).  Or things that I want to remember (say, something I should buy or remember to pack).  I read this entire book cover to cover.  Not one tab.  It’s a total no-go.

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