Operation: Vodka Soda Lime

29 Dec

Yes, that is my hand. And yes, I’m missing a lime.

Happy (almost) 2014!  I think it’s going to be a great year.

At Christmas dinner, my family went around the table, and eveyone said (in three words) what they were looking forward to in the new year.  For example, Aunt Leslie said: “Jazz-er-cise” (yes, we explained that is 3 syllables, not 3 words).  I said: “meet new people” (good job! 3 words!).

But seriously, I need to make a serious effort to meet people in this town, to which I have just recently moved.  (I only have two friends, and they are nuts.)

Naturally, I’m going to go about this in the best way possible: by frequenting bars, the mecca from which all good friendships and romances spring (Aunt Leslie met Uncle Pete at a bar, okay!).

Also naturally, my plan is ambitious: I will go to a bar and order a drink every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the month of January.

The genesis of this idea came from my friend Alayna, who reads a blog called Sitting in Bars with Cake.  As the name suggests, it’s about this 26-year-old girl who takes cakes to bars in an effort to meet guys (or, as she puts it, “lure boys with sugar”).  Not a joke.  This year alone, she took 50 cakes to bars.

I’m skipping the cake.  (In part due to her low “luring” success rate, based on my truncated perusal of her blog.)

Shall we say, I’ll just be “sitting in bars with… a personality.”

For those concerned: Don’t worry; my doctor has already approved this.  (Not.  My checkup is not until January 27, but I’ll be sure to get his thoughts on it at that point.)

But seriously, don’t worry.  February will be a month of detox involving meeting new people at yoga class and the juice bar.

Briefly, here are the rules:

  • I will attempt to take one picture per night (for purposes of documentation).
  • I will PROMPTLY (yes, promptly, Lucie!) post brief synopses of all the interesting people and new friends I meet.
  • This operation will commence on New Year’s Eve, which is on Tuesday.  Therefore, for the first week, I will be swapping Tuesday night for Wednesday night.
  • I get to bail on one day; therefore, there will be a total of 15 drinking days in this operation.

Wish me luck!

This was NYE 2011 (with fav members of the fam! + Lisa). I’m reusing this dress this year!!

One Response to “Operation: Vodka Soda Lime”

  1. B January 24, 2014 at 9:02 am #

    That was a fun new year eve! How is your operation going??

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