Bucket List

“Stay Hungry.  Stay Foolish.”  -Steve Jobs

Update, March 2013:  I created the bucket list below sometime last summer, and it has resided here since.  But the truth is that I just made this list up one (muggy) afternoon because I figured it was something I should have on a blog like this.

I realized, during an extended stay at a silent meditation cult, that really, there are few places I wouldn’t go and few places I’m dying to go.

And beyond that, I’ve spent an overwhelming chunk of my life ticking off items on the checklist of my overachieving life (get this GPA, get this LSAT score, get this internship, yada yada yada).  Now, my ambitions are much more unvarnished.  I want to…

Find a job I love.
Fall in love.
Chase my passions, whatever they may end up being.
Be happy.

I want to build relationships and memories and meaning.  And revel in where life takes me (I mean, hiking the Appalachian Trail wasn’t even on my bucket list!).

I’m done building a resume and collecting gold stars and cocktail party stories and checking off items on various “to do” lists.  So… while the list below doesn’t exactly sing to my heart right now, it’s fun and it’s part of who I was before this year began.

Heck of a preface, huh!

It’s a work in progress, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Go on an African safari.
  • Climb a mountain.
  • Hitchhike somewhere. [Tennesee, 2013.]
  • Sleep on a stranger’s couch (a la couch surfing).  [Qatar, 2012.]
  • See a polar bear in the wild.
  • Run a half-marathon.  [San Francisco, 2010.]
  • Trek to Everest base camp.
  • Join the military.  [Colorado Springs, 2003.]
  • Go to an Olympics (or World Cup).
  • Visit an ashram in India.
  • Give a speech in front of a lot of people.
  • Bungee jump.  [New Zealand, 2007.]
  • Take a round-the-world trip. [Uh, the Big Trip, 2012-2013.]
  • Create a piece of artwork displayed in my house.
  • Go ice fishing.
  • Step foot on every continent (yup, talking about you, Antarctica).
  • Drive across the United States.  [Pennsylvania to California, 2008, and back, 2011.]
  • Walk on a glacier.  [Iceland, 1997.]
  • Go dancing in the rain (hey, why not).
  • Write a book (or write something substantial).
  • Volunteer in a developing country.
  • Drive around a smartCar.  [Palo Alto, 2011.]
  • See the moai on Easter Island.
  • Take the Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Railway.  The whole way.
  • Lay eyes on a blue-footed booby (most likely, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador).

Things I wanted to put on my list but got disqualified by my co-worker Bert:

  • Get married (he says this is a life goal).
  • Donate an organ (mildly disturbing; was just trying to get the best of Bert).
  • Take care of my Dad when he gets old (life goal, apparently).
  • Find my life’s passion.
  • Get a job I love.

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